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Our personalized coaching offers on your boat

Your boat has just been delivered to you and you feel the need to train to take your marks and make the most of this new boat?

Spend a few hours discovering or perfecting yourself with our skippers, experts from the Grand Large Yachting Group: Outremer, Allures, Garcia, RM, Gunboat.

Julien Calvet, skipper Overseas

Julien Calvet

Skipper Outremer

Each boat has its specific characteristics. In a few hours, we share with you our tips to avoid many pitfalls during your future navigations. At sea, at the port, we save you time in the mastery of your sailboat.

Coaching in the marina

Harbor Maneuvers


You are perfecting the long side dock, in the wind and under the wind. With your skipper, you train for the arrivals on point, departures on guard. You work stationary, and other necessary maneuvers.

Sailing preparation


What are the main checks to do before sailing for several hours or days? You will talk about it with your skipper who will discuss with you the key points of the weather, the road, the choice of sails, the currents and tides to take into account, the marking of Waypoint.

Electronic configuration


We help you set up your new electronic equipment according to your navigation program. Thanks to our extensive knowledge of these tools, you save valuable time to be sure of your settings.

Boat maintenance


Wide subject if it is, you can choose the type of maintenance to be deepened on that day with your trainer among: maintenance of sails, rigging, motors, batteries, desalinizer, plumbing of sanitary facilities, saddlery, or annex.

Boat winterize

2 days

Wintering your boat is the guarantee to leave in optimal safety conditions behind, so it is a careful process to know. For two days (2 x 6 hours) you review the check list to winter your boat all over the world.

Coaching at sea

Use of sails


You review your sails and detail the steps, placing the boat, sending, setting, range of use, siding. Our skippers also give you their tips for optimized maintenance.

Emergency works


Life-size training to know what to do when the day comes. You will see in particular the extreme case of manoeuvring at the sea, but also the cape setting, useful in large time, and the safe hold that it is good to master well in some well frequented anchorages.

Use of electronic equipment


You review your electronic equipment to control its operation and optimize its use for your navigation. Discover the role of everyone, Radar, autopilot, VHF, AIS, navigation software, or perfect in their use.