Outremer rental

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Rent a big cruise catamaran

Get out of the way! Each Overseas is unique because it was built to order for its owner. Overseas countries benefit from quality finishes and maintenance levels by demanding owners.

Crafted boats for long sailing

Navigate independently and free yourself from port constraints with complete equipment for the trip: desalinizer, washing machine, solar panels, hydro generator, wind turbine... (inventory varies according to each unit). With their large storage volumes, you get all the space to store your boards, surfs or paddles. A real luxury.

Pleasure as a watchword

Known for the sensations they deliver, the Outremer will give you the pure pleasure of sailing. You will slide on the water and enjoy the sensations thanks to the free bars (on the next generation units). From the first breaths of air, cut the engines and enjoy sailing pleasure. All you have to do is raise the drifts to get close to the most remote anchorages, calm and tranquillity. Finally, enjoy its beautiful landscapes as soon as you wake up thanks to the sea view from the cabins on the Outremer 49, 51 and 5X.

Overseas, rare performances

Set your sails and slide on the water as fast as the wind. With a remote matte and slender hulls, you limit pitch and easily pass the waves. The high-end equipment on each unit allows you to increase your water performance, all in unrivalled comfort. Like any catamaran, the Outremer does not lodge! You can sail flat and enjoy anchorages on boats that do not ride. Thanks to its two hulls and large volumes, you sail with family or friends in complete privacy.

The fleet

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